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New Website for Chilifox Games

Chilifox Games was in pursuit of a new website. They wanted the site to showcase Chilifox Games' array of games, with each game featured on its own separate page. Additionally, the site should include a home page, and information on where their games can be bought. The design of the site should exude professionalism, while letting Chilifox's Games' style shine through. The website should also be easy for them to maintain themselves in the future.

“Mistzone was a pleasure to work with. We're very satisfied with the process and result!”

Eilif Svensson

CEO of Chilifox Games

Chilifox Games logo
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Image of the new website created for Chilifox Games

Main Design Principles

Wordpress for Ease of Maintenance Post-Delivery

Choosing WordPress as the development platform provides:

  • a user-friendly interface
  • no need for extensive technical knowledge
  • vast library of plugins for increased functionality

This approach empowers our client to take active control of their website, ensuring its longevity and relevance without the constant need for professional IT support, ultimately providing a cost-effective solution.

A screenshot from the Wordpress admin

Seamless Development and Stress-Free Launch

We developed the website directly on the web server that will be utilized for its future hosting. We set up a temporary landing page for visitors to:

  • provide us with the flexibility to experiment with various configurations for the new website without the pressure of time constraints
  • give the site owner the convenience of deciding when to officially launch the site

This ensured a seamless transition to 'live' status without the risk of encountering migration errors from relocating the website.

The temporary front page shown to the public during development.

Unified Game Information Visualization Across Multiple Pages

In developing the website, we utilized 'synchronized patterns' for each game, to be used on the pages for “Games”, ”Shop“, and the information page showcasing each game.

This approach:

  • streamlines the process of maintaining up-to-date information
  • guarantees consistency across the website
Illustration of how the games are presented on the shop page.
Illustration of how the games are presented on the shop page.

Streamlining Content Navigation with Strategic Category Management

By categorizing posts according to the game they relate to and the type of news they represent, visitors can easily navigate to the content that interests them the most, whether it's updates for a specific game or news types like announcements, awards, or reviews.

This hierarchical categorization system, with parent categories like “Games” and “News” encompassing specific games or news types, ensures that relevant content is accessible under broader umbrellas, making the site more intuitive for users.

For site administrators, this approach simplifies content management by allowing for the seamless grouping of related posts, enabling efficient updates and modifications. It fosters a more organized content library, enhancing searchability and the overall user journey on the website.

Illustration of how posts are organized under specific games and type of news.