Contact Us

You may always contact us by writing an email to

Are you an artist?

Different games suit different art styles, but for most of our games we are looking for a more realistic, epic art style with vibrant colors.

Right now, we're not looking for anything in particular, but feel free to shoot us an email with a link to your portfolio!

Are you a designer?

Sometimes we partner up with other designers to publish their game. The most important criteria is that we like the game idea. A good indicator of this, is if it complies with our design criteria; that it is fun, immersive and feels rewarding. As most of our games are inspired by Norse mythology, be prepared that we might want to re-theme your game to fit this setting.

Do you want a website, companion app or a digital game version?

This is not our main focus, but we do occasionally take on such projects. We like helping out other companies in the board game industry, so feel free to reach out and we can have a chat to see if it's a good match!