Mimir's Challenge

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In this strategic board game, you play as a Norse God and compete for area majority across the nine realms! You command an army of Einherjar, accompanied by a Valkyrie, a Wyrm, and a Raven. Try to outwit the other players through face-down token placement and special actions to move the tokens before the majority is concluded!

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30-60 min

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Progress status

Currently, we are doing physical play tests with friends, family and our local play test group. We aim to establish a digital prototype during the spring to play with even more people.

In the fall, we hope to make physical prototypes with updated illustrations from our artist. Stay tuned for more information as the project progresses!

By the way, our Trello board is public! Feel free to sneak a peak at the to do's next up in our pipeline.

Check out our Trello board!

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Finalized art for the Odin Player Screen in Mimir's Challenge

The Backdrop

During a banquet in Valhalla, the gods began to argue, as is their wont. The dispute escalated, nearly resulting in drawn weapons, until Mimir's thunderous voice captured everyone's attention. “I will form equal armies for you to demonstrate your strategic skills. Venture into the nine realms and establish your supremacy. Whoever amasses the most treasure will be deemed the greatest in warfare!”

Game overview

Mimir's Challenge is played over 3 rounds, each with 3 phases. After the third round, the player with most treasure is deemed the winner!

Phase 1: Place army tokens

The players take turns placing army tokens face down in one of the realms. The phase continues until each player has placed 5 tokens (6 and 7 tokens in subsequent rounds).

The goal is to end up with the most amount of Einherjar in each Realm by the start of Phase 3 in order to gain the treasure.

Beware, however, that a lot might change by the end of Phase 2! Instead of placing an Einherjar, the players may choose to place their Raven, Valkyrie, or Wyrm.

Army tokens in each player color in Mimir's Challenge

Phase 2: Perform actions

The players take turns performing actions for their Raven, Valkyrie, and Wyrm. They are not best of friends, and each can force one of the other out of play for this round (rock-paper-scissor mechanism).

Their main actions are to move the Einherjar between the Realms in order to influence the majority, or to steal the treasure while all the Einherjar in the Realm are quarreling.

After performing an action, they are returned to the player's hand. When all special tokens have been played, the next phase begins.

Valkyrie, Wyrm and Raven nemesis in Mimir's Challenge

Phase 3: Determine Majority

For each realm, compare how many Einherjar belonging to each player is present. The one with the most Einherjar, which is not tied with any other player, may take one of the treasures present in the realm.

The next untied player may take a treasure, and so on. The player's that takes a treasure, removes one of their Einherjar.

The players who are tied with other players, are too busy quarreling to notice the treasure, and all their Einherjar remain for the next round.

Realm tiles with Einherjar fighting for majority in Mimir's Challenge

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The original designer of the game concept is Jørgen Brunborg-Næss. He joins us on this journey to develop the game into the best it can be!

The chosen artist for the game is Nicholas Westgård. He will create amazing illustrations of the Norse Gods, as the examples above show, as well as the box cover, player tokens, treasure tokens and Realm tiles!

Some of the icons represented on this page are placeholder icons used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. A huge thank you to the creators who chose to make these available for public use!